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Chiliz Coin,also known by the acronym CHZ,is a cryptocurrency common only used on entertainment and sports platforms.

Chiliz Coin  is  a  token used for service purposes. is one of the official cryptocurrencies that the platform produces on its be half.

What is the CHZ Coin?

Chiliz token  is based on Ethereum.   Chiliz  token is based in Ethereum  and was founded in Malta in 2012. It has a bright future because of its partnerships with sports clubs.  With Chiliz   very Coin,  the depositees who invest in their teams can also have a say in the amount of Chiliz  Coins they have, from the color of their team’s jersey to their abundant matches.  Chiliz  Chiliz  Coin investors also have the opportunity to participate in special events of their teams.

It hasbeen made available to fans in partnerships signed with sports clubs from many countries throughout The World. Chiliz  Coin is known for his partnership with Galatasaray in our country. Around the world, they have deals  with the world’s number of clubs,such as Barcelona and Juventus. Juventus

Chiliz Coin with 8.888.888 units of supply;;

34% token sales  and pre-sales

Reserve of 20% user base

15% strategic purchases,

15% marketing transactions

7.5% core ingers,,

5% team

3% continues itsactivities with the share allocated to the advisory board.

Future Chiliz Coin

CHZ Coin has made its voice heard through its agreements with sports clubs around the world.  Considering that there is improvement in the world ofcryptocurrency exchanges by usage andmarketing,  Chiliz  Coin may  have higher values in the future.

Buying Thodex Chiliz Coin

Thodexis a crypto currency exchange that operates in international markets as well as in our country. Thodex isthe first company to bring many new cryptocurrencies to our country. The company  has a global license from the United States and has also completed its first  Bitcoin  ATM in our country.

In order to receive  Chiliz  Coins with   Thodex, you must first complete the membership process. You will then be authenticate for security reasons. After completing the authentication phase, you can transfer funds to your account and start buying Chiliz  Coins    with Thodex safely and quickly.

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